EU Tech Flash IoT Council

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IoT is the spider in the net for all the new Smart Services like Predictive Maintenance, Digital Farming and Smart Buildings. But the right IoT architecture must consider newest technologies, costs of ownership and rough environments while having an eye on security and the ownership of data. The EU Tech Chamber IoT Council is designed […]

4 March – EU Tech Chamber Energy Council – After Event

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With nearly 100 registrants from plus 20 countries at our “Digital Investment Talk on “Combining SDG 7 & 9: EU and African Energypreneurs as driver for local value chain building” on March 04th the Energy Council of the EU Tech Chamber could welcome again a highly passionate audience. Key take-aways were: need to start with the understanding […]

Introducing our Director Latin America Chapter: Daniela Pero

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The EU Tech Chamber takes great pleasure to introduce you all—Daniela Pero, Director Latin America Chapter. Daniela Pero is an International experienced professional who has worked across different industries as a Business Development and as Key Account Manager with a particular focus on Latin America region. With strong expertise in the fields of International Business, […]

26 February – EU Tech Chamber Environment Council – After Event

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Today’s EU Tech Chamber’s Environment Council’s digital panel on the topic ” Opportunities we have with Europe’s Forgotten Industrial Sites” went successful today! Within today’s session, we dove deep into the Europe’s forgotten industrial sites and discovered how to benefit from this industrial heritage while safeguarding the environment. Biggest thanks to our keynote speaker Rolf […]

EU Tech Flash Africa Chapter

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The EU Tech Chamber Africa Chapter addresses the very important continents´s transformation on two levels: Firstly, everyone should be empowered by having access to clean energy services, ICT & necessary business enabling infrastructures. Secondly, to support the local business and private sector in its keen ambition to become the global powerhouse, the EU industry – […]

25 February – EU Tech Chamber China Chapter – After Event

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EU Tech Chamber‘s China Chapter Panel on the topic “New Energies in China” was more than successful with over 130 participants! Within today’s session, we dove deep into the Renewable Energies sector in China, speaking about trends and opportunities for European Companies in China´s energy business. Biggest thanks to our three Panelists Daniel Prozel Fang (Shenzhen […]

24 February – EU Tech Chamber Smart Cities Council – After Event

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The EU Tech Chamber‘s Smart Cities Panel on the topic “On Circular Economy in Smart Cities” was incredibly informative and remains a huge success. During today’s session, we explored the impacts Cities has had on waste and greenhouse gas emissions and how uniquely placed they are to facilitate the transition to a Circular Economical Model. […]