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The Smart Cities Council, an initiative of the EU Tech Chamber, to fulfill the ever more present need for urbanization and connectivity. As more and more people are residing in cities, the cities of tomorrow have to become “smart”. Our councils’ purpose is to connect the relevant innovators and stakeholders, share concepts and collaborate.


Connect European technology solutions with cities, districts and buildings.


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Increase the efficiency, technological advancement and sustainability of European Cities.


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Promote European best practices of Smart Cities in Europe and global markets.


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Smart Cities Council White Paper 2021
Whitepaper by EU Tech Chamber: Smart Cites Council

How can German Cities become Smart Cities of the Future?

Interested to learn more? download the ‘blueprint’ – from Object to Digital City Services. Smart Cities Whitepaper By EU Tech Chamber *please note: The whitepaper is originally published in German

Our Smart Cities SDGs

Our Smart Cities SDGs

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
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Discover how the EU Tech Smart Cities Council strengthens European Technology by connecting the relevant Innovators andStakeholders.
The European Technology Chamber believes that “Technology Obliges” to spread Innovation and European Values as well as to reach the SDGs. Thanks to the Smart Cities Council, digital technologies get matched with companies and markets to strive for innovation-led growth in Europe.
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